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Welcome to Nosttaalgia Homes

At 'nosttaalgia homes' we understand your dream of having an Exclusive

and Inviting Home which is every Owners pride and Neighbors envy.

We have showcased our  Home Furniture & Decor collection here, category & room wise. So when you click on each room you find detailed break ups of most of the furniture and accessories which go in that room. Special categories which can be used in any room or do not come under any specific room, have been listed separately. 

If you are ordering any product with us, go to the 'placing an order' page and do check the 'Measurement for Furniture' link before ordering.

You can always chat, call or message us for any other questions you have.


Confused on which design or style of furniture to buy 

Choosing a Furniture Design can really be a task with so many options available but it becomes easier if someone with experience can help

Not satisfied with the options available, want to customise

Furniture available off the shelf, many times doesn't suit your taste or required size. You want to customise it as per your liking & requirement.


Doubtful about the wood used in the furniture

Wood used is the most important part of any wooden furniture and you mostly are not sure of the wood that might have been used as to what is being told

Worried about the furniture quality and durability 

Furniture construction quality and materials used are the factors which makes it durable and this is something which you always look for in any furniture

Worried about the warranty and service issues

Whether you buy a small or big piece of furniture, you are always concerned about whether there is a service assurance and warranty coming along with it

We understand your concerns and specially focus on these points and are here to help

Buying Furniture can be challenging

What you get when you buy from Nosttaalgia Homes

You need not buy under-par furniture available in the market and all the frustration that comes along with it, when you have the option to choose exceptional quality and exclusive furniture that too customised as per your requirement.


Genuine Wood,

Exclusive Designs

& Fine Finishing


3 years Warranty

& Life Time

Service & Support


Made in India & Door Delivered

across the world

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Uncompromised Quality & Durable Products


Customised Furniture & Genuine Advice


Experienced Team of

Delivery & Installation Technicians 

swings for home

" No matter how old you are, swing sets are always cool."

about us

Our History

From starting with handicraft items in 2001 to making exquisite and stunning furniture ranges from 2003 onwards, we have come a long way.