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Importance of having a Swing at home

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Hanging a swing in the house in considered auspicious as they attract positive energies and happiness in the house. While swings can add a gracious look to your dwelling, they also serve as a beautiful centerpiece for the living room or a perfect relaxation corner in the balcony or garden.

Vaastushastra has placed lot of emphasis on the importance of swings in a house. It is one furniture in the house which brings happiness to everyone irrespective of one's age! Wood has a special significance in Vastu, and including it as a home décor element is also auspicious. Hence, wooden swings are generally preferred to metal swings.

  • The best directions to place swings in the garden or patio or inside the home is the north or the east.
  • Avoid placing the swing in the south or the west direction.
  • While sitting on the swing, ensure you face the east or the north. Thus, it is advised to position the swing in a way that it moves from the east to the west.

History of swings dates back to some 2000 years


History pages are full with information on traditional wooden swings, swings with intricate carvings one on them, stone studded swings etc. The emperor and the empress had larger-than-life swings to provide them solace in times of distress.

Swinging on a swing set helps children sleep.

It’s true. Studies have shown that children who swing regularly sleep well (or better anyway) because the spinning motion helps balance neurological activity in the brain. You know those wound up thoughts you have when you’re lying in bed with insomnia, staring at the clock? Well, kids have that stuff too. But they don’t have the logical perceptions to help them lie still. When wiring has gone haywire, neurological focus affects your sleeping patterns. The back and forth motion and spinning motions helps settle immature brains into a restful peace.

Overall, the benefits of swinging are more than just having a good time. Swinging helps the brain balance. It helps settle. Swinging on a swing set is like meditation or yoga for children. It helps them calm. It helps them soothe. And it aids in balancing the brain’s wiring.

We all know that in most of the Tamil and Gujarati houses Swings are a part and parcel of their living. Does this have any relation to the fact that most of the top academicians, economists, businessmen, Industrialists, CEOs etc are from these states? Its anybody guess but yes I did come across an article which stated that swinging, for kids upto the age of 8, increases memory and intelligence.

It is not difficult to suspend a swing or have access to one, but be sure yours is suspended properly and checked regularly. Using a professional installer and checking your suspension and attachments regularly will ensure that your swing is always safe and secure. You may enjoy having a ceiling suspension to hang a variety of swings, an indoor frame, or a support bar. You can choose from either single point (swivel swings) or dual point swings to enjoy or you can choose a stand alone swing which need not be hung from the ceiling.

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